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Building A Tribe

Wanting and needing others is part of human nature.

I talk to myself every now and then, so it’s not like I need others to always have a conversation.

Still there is a craving to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to be a part of a group, a tribe. Being a Texan, the idea of belonging to a tribe is not so unusual. It feels a bit like being a part of a Wild West adventure. My hubby and the kiddos are card carrying Choctaws. Though you couldn’t guess it by dear daughter’s blond hair and blue eyes. 

We have our family and friend tribes. Our school tribes. We have a mixed marriage and family. My daughter and I bleed burnt orange. That means we are University of Texas alums–Longhorns. My husband and son are A&M Aggie fans. Hook ‘Em Horns. We have our work and spiritual tribes.  

The Internet has opened up so many more possibilities for belonging. I’m a part of several Internet tribes. I get Blog posts from Larry Brooks, newsletters from Randy Ingermanson, loop emails from the Writer’s Retreat Workshop just to name a few of my favorites. Randy’s newsletter is burning a hole in my inbox right now. He always has great things to share.

Through our tribes we find mentors and friends and support and inspiration. One of the most influencial tribes I’ve become a part of is Margie Lawson’s. That is one action-packed, smart lady. She is a writer’s dream teacher, yet a strong task-master. She has pushed, prodded, nudged, and kicked my fanny to encourage me to make my writing spectacular. Knowing her has indeed changed the way I see myself, the way I do my job as a teacher, and the way I see my future.   

She’s kicked me out of the nest. 

Given me the opportunity to have my own class at The Lawson Writer’s Academy. Story Structure Safari is off to a Fantastic beginning.

Now, here I am creating my own tribe. We begin with one blog post and a fledgling website. The future is unlimited. How Fun and Exciting.          

Tribe Building Begins.

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