Mini Mind Hike

A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

I’m here world.

I have a website.

I feel like Julie Andrews twirling on that mountain top in The Sound of Music or arms stretched out, steaming forward on the bow of the Titanic, like Leo and Kate. Wait, nix that last part. The ship sank.

Being here and anxious to continue building my online home is fabulous.

This website becoming a place you enjoy coming to and can’t wait to revisit—that is the goal.

Time is our most precious resource, so I want to give you plenty of bang for your visit. In the next couple of weeks, you will see big time changes as outstanding web designer Lisa Norman and I work together to create an online home that will knock your socks off. (Cliché alert)

I’m planning a Weekly Mini-Mind Hike feature with activities and exercises to apply to your writing projects.

There will be an in depth list of resources and experts.

I will showcase an EXTRAORDINARY WRITER.

Feel free to make suggestions as to things you’d like to see when you visit.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and support. Together, we are strong and can face all the challenges that come our way.

Ya’ll come back. The coffee pot is always a brewing, the iced tea pitcher is full, and I’ve got brownies in the oven.

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