Story Structure Safari

Story Structure Safari is much more than the class I teach. It is a mindset. A lens through which to view, study, and create powerful stories. 

Beautiful words and exciting scenes aren’t enough to propel the reader through a novel. Stories need structure, a plan, a focus from beginning to end. 

In Safari, I use examples from bestselling novels, successful movies and TV shows to illustrate concepts. I’ve developed a variety of techniques throughout Story Structure Safari, to help take full advantage of opportunities to infuse compelling essentials into your story. Creating a tantalizing experience for the reader.

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Each time I’ve come out of the Story Structure Safari class with a good, solid framework for a novel. I know who my protagonist is, what he or she needs, the protag’s flaws and weaknesses, and what drives the antagonist to stand in opposition. I know what the stakes are.

KC Parrish
Multi Safari Grad
Story Structure Safari takes my ideas and pushes me to make the story more engaging. When I am done with the class, I always like my story better because I am asked tough questions and have to really think about what the story I want to tell needs instead of slapping random things on the page and pray it will make sense in the end.
Melissa Borg
Melissa Borg
Multi Safari Grad and Romance Writer