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Story Structure Experts That Have Influenced Me

Shawn Coyne at

Shawn Coyne is my go-to-guru for a big picture vision into story and deep dives into genre. Shawn, Tim Grahl, and Shawn’s trained Story Grid Editors have many excellent articles on both macro and micro levels of story on the Story Grid site.

I would first go to the website and learn about Shawn’s Story Grid perception of powerful stories.

The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know is a deeper dive and very helpful when you have your head wrapped around the basics of his work.

Pride and Prejudice: The Story Grid Edition is Shawn’s second book focusing on the Romance genre.

Lisa Cron at

Lisa Cron’s Story Genius book is filled with techniques to jumpstart your novel idea and then steps to writing a powerful story from beginning to end.

Dara Marks at

Dara’s Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc is an absolute MUST HAVE. Her book opened my eyes to the internal journey the protagonist must make during a story. I won’t go to my keyboard without it.

Larry Brooks at

Larry’s Storyfix blog and views on not just story structure but also character changed the way I see story.
Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves: Criteria-Driven Strategies for More Effective Fiction is his latest book that details his theory about creating powerful stories. He uses a criteria