What I Want My Stories To Be

Teens wrestling with life are the kinds of stories I love to write. Life is full of hope, opportunity, and wonder. Too often, that is overshadowed by relationships in turmoil and the poor choices teens make. Danger and disappointment frequently have the face of family or friends. Pounded with musts, shoulds, and don’t evers, by family, friends, school, and society in general, a teen struggles to figure out who she is and what she wants.

My characters could live a few streets over and are anxious to get through high school to discover what the future holds. My stories are about the roadblocks that get in the way. From the suburbs of Dallas to the wilds of West Texas, there’s plenty of peril and adventure.

I want to weave tales my students can relate to and enjoy. My characters are as diverse as the people and landscapes of Texas. Love, family, and independence are important themes in my stories, but these same needs are at the root of most of the conflict.

Let me say it this way: Real life is plenty scary for today’s teens.