The Mission of Story Structure Safari

Beautiful words and exciting scenes aren’t enough to propel the reader through a novel. Stories need structure, a plan, a focus from beginning to end.

If your idea, your scenes, your story feel trapped in quicksand, trampled by stampeding Longhorns (I’m from Texas), or snatched by aliens, this Story Structure Safari journey will help you explore possible solutions.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to complete your novel, using time-tested Story Structure strategies will help you get to the heart of your story and determine the direction it needs to take.

I’ve traversed a mountain range of information online and in how-to books to select a variety of story structure theories and woven these ideas together to meet the needs of a multitude of learning styles.

Being a writer can be plenty insane. Experimenting with new tools and techniques helps us stretch and grow as people as well as writers. In this climate of fast and incessant change, we have to adapt or become extinct.

While the way we write and share information may be on the bullet train of change, readers still crave the comfort of familiar, the nostalgia of the known. Romance, mystery, thrillers, fantasy continue to ride the crest of reader popularity.

Our challenge as writers is to keep up with the changes in writing and publishing while providing readers with stories they love to snuggle up and identify with. Strengthening your knowledge of story structure will help.

I use a variety of techniques through out Story Structure Safari to help you take full advantage of opportunities to infuse these ideas into your story, creating a tantalizing experience for the reader.

Student reactions after taking Story Structure Safari:

“I only wish I did this course 10 years ago. Heck, even 1 year ago would have made a difference.”

“This has been one of the best classes I’ve ever taken — Ever! I am so pleased that I am pretty much ready to finalize my outline and start writing. I struggled with Story concepts but now feel I have a much firmer grasp than I ever have. I’ve taken Robert McKee’s Story workshop and others, but found them very theoretical – which is great, but it wasn’t until I was able to practically apply these concepts through the exercises Lisa so carefully prepared that I understood what I needed to in order to plot/write my book.”

“I LOVED the methodology you taught and from the moment that we had divided our novel into quadrants I was hooked. Before Safari, I had been stuck for a couple of months with my story idea but hadn’t done anything with it besides research (even though I’d really tried) and in your class I realized it was because it was such a big story (first time I’d truly tackled a full-length novel) that the idea of writing it by the seat of my pants was very overwhelming. It was like dropping someone into a country they’re unfamiliar with and then saying, “see you in X town” and then leaving them there without a map or a compass or anything. Safari gave me a map and a compass and a GPS device.”

“Your feedback on things was priceless. The information and the timeliness of your responses were fantastic.”

“This class was great in helping me see just where my story wasn’t working.”

“Impressed with the calibre of this course, how the material was handled and how it was presented. I could tell that our instructor cared about the craft of writing and hoped to pass on her knowledge – I’m a bit of a course junkie and had been looking for this type of course: nuts and bolts of the how to’s, nothing skimmed over.”

Lisa, this class went beyond my expectations. I started it feeling that I really didn’t need the class. My story was fine. I felt that I was taking too many classes and not focusing on my writing. I was very wrong. I needed this class TO focus on my writing. This helped me pull together so many weak parts of my story. I could never do outlines for stories. Never really liked them, but this felt so loose and free like writing should be. I am amazed at the time you dedicated to this class and for so little money. I was bragging about this class to anyone who would listen. Most of all, you showed me I can make time to write. It’s all about focus and dedication and pushing yourself to be better. Lisa, you are just a marvel. I am humbled by your wisdom, appreciative of your time and encouraged by what you have taught. This was a well spent month. I will miss spending so much time with you. Thank you!

“Lisa, thank you so much for a class that has gone way beyond anything I expected. This class has been so important for me that almost daily I have shaken my head in wonder and pleasure at the ah-has and the knowledge that I’ve been getting from it. It has been one of the most exciting classes I’ve ever done! I have learned that my rather different story of a woman’s life does fit a framework and I now have a clear view of where I need to emphasis the developments within the framework so that the reader can understand where they are and the significance of those developments. This includes inserting the right text, mood, hints etc into dialogue, action, description, narrative, the lot. It would have been great to have taken this class a couple of years ago, but then I wouldn’t have had the grip on my story that I have now, and this has contributed to my excellent progress in this class.”

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